144 servings of Alive Spirulina (One Time)

144 servings of Alive Spirulina (One Time)


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Cultivated and harvested in Florida. Alive Spirulina is frozen in its peak nutritional state. Fresh Frozen NonGMO Living Spirulina is a 100% Bioavailable superfood rich in Antioxidants and Phytonutrients, with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and is a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids! View Nutritional Facts


1 large package containing 144 servings of 38g of Alive Spirulina.


Keep it frozen until ready to use.

Suggested Use

One serving dissolved in your favorite beverage or smoothie. After the first week increase as desired.

Alive Spirulina Nutritional Facts

Alive Spirulina Nutritional Facts